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RCT3 Failed To Open File

I recently got a new computer (windows 10 with 1T HD and 32G of mem.). When I try to run the game, I get an error that says "Failed to open file". I know I fixed this on my other computer (also windows 10) but I do not remember how. Does anybody know what causes this and what the fix is? Thanks for any help.

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Two things to try. 1) go to where your RCT3 files are and delete any one with a .bak. If that doesn't work then look for a a file labled RCT3.fc and delete it. One of those should work.
I tried both and still get the error message. But, thanks for the response. I can still play (I think), my saved games all crash. I'm going to try new games and see what happens.
You may be in the wrong files. Try going to Documents/RCT3/Parks or scenarios, or start scenarios, actually go to all three and you will probably find .bak and RCT3.fc in there somewhere. delete both. They keep popping up. When my game crashes, and it's more often then I like, I go there and sure enough there they are. If that doesn't help then try contacting Atari support.

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