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hey there, im trec~ccst.

hey, im trec~ccst, or trec for short. i like to make weird coasters in rct3 then oversupport them. my name is actually based off of a dreamcast bios corruption, lol.
here's some stuff i've done:
[Image: 2d9582bfd1c5aa36e1c3e5a38708941d.jpg]

https://gyazo.com/2d9582bfd1c5aa36e1c3e5a38708941d This is SkyWarp, which has been made using the Extended Coaster model. This took about an hour and a half, using as many supports as humanly possible for no real reason lol. The actual coaster is decent.
[Image: cd2b81de2711820064fe071517404b49.jpg]

https://gyazo.com/cd2b81de2711820064fe071517404b49 This is Rayzer. I made it after losing an entire coaster and all it's supports, so I couldn't really be bothered on this one. This coaster is actually CTR, using the Reverse train on the Looping coaster model that I found on this website. It features 6 inversions, and although it may only go 48mph, it gets an amazing excitement rating of 14!
[Image: 6244e20d25eaad4951bc665017abea60.jpg]

https://gyazo.com/6244e20d25eaad4951bc665017abea60 The last one I'll show you is... this abomination. Again, made with CTR (the same CTR actually), Moby's Steel Jungle, JCat's Steelworx and CPcisco's footers and Coaster Goodies, this strange coaster I call "Vertical Mouse" features 5 inversions, which are a barrel roll, wing-over drop, 3 vertical switch-back turns and a final drop thats like a wing-over but not quite. Oh yeah and the trains on these feature lap bars. And with that hangtime, it must be terrifying (and quite rough...)

So yeah, there's some of the stuff I've done. I don't know if I'll ever release some sort of CS/CTR, but I may release some of the stuff I've made.
I also like some other things, like Splatoon, osu, Planet Coaster, Parkitect and glitchy/fast music Smile

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