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RCTgo Rush! General Info Kiosk

What exactly is RCTgo Rush?
RCTgo Rush is a team-based, tournament-style competition where players of all experience levels come together to build parks. Each park will be placed against one from another team each round, and the teams with the most wins will move onto the playoffs. Though winning is as much of a part of this contest as it is of any tournament-style contest, RCTgo Rush! is focused more on creating a fun building experience for all who participate and honing the creativity of each and every player

What are we to build?
Each round, you and your team are to build a park of a certain size before the deadline. That park will be pitted against one from an opposing team, and a poll will be held to determine the winner. The required size will increase each round, and will range anywhere from "micro"-sized (~15x15) to "full"-size (~100x100). The allotted time to build each park will increase accordingly with the size. As for the content of the park and the objects used to build it, that's entirely up to you and your team!

Which games will this involve?
Unlike Build It!, this contest is RCT2-only, so no entries shall be made in RCT1, RCT3, Parkitect, or any other game (RCT Classic is fine, but not recommended). This doesn't mean that future contests will not be held in these games if enough players are interested. If this contest runs again in the future (which it will if it's successful this time), we will consider allowing RCT1 parks as well, but for the sake of ease, this time only RCT2 parks will be accepted.

How do I end up on a team?
The first step, of course, is to sign up on the sign-up sheet, which I've linked to at the bottom of this post directly under the green letters that spell out "Sign up Here!". After signups conclude, a draft date will be announced, followed by a live draft conducted by the selected captains. 

How many players will be drafted?
Since this is the trial run, the turnout cannot be predicted, so we don't know exactly how many teams we will have (or how we'll be dividing them), but four will be the minimum. Four captains have already been selected, but if we end up with more than four teams, we will select more captains as needed. Since many of the participants will be new to RCTgo, and we haven't gotten a chance to get to know the players from other communities yet, we aren't having players sign up to be captains at this time, though if this contest succeeds and we hold future installments of it, the captain list will be entirely sign-up based. After the player sign ups have concluded, we will announce the number of players and the date of the draft. Because this is not a highly competitive tournament, all players who sign up will be drafted!

Rules, deadlines, and other specifics are still under construction, and will be posted nearby within the next couple weeks.

Sign up here!

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