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Rides do not run whenever re-opening all rides.

Unless I test all the rides to force them to depart, all cars/ trains just stuck ar the station and all queuing guests wait until they go away as they complain for waiting for ages. Please HELP 

It doesn't look like guests are complaining about wait times in this park. In fact, almost every ride in the park has a queue time of 1 or 2 minutes.

However, there is one setting you've checked off that's slowing down a couple of your coasters.

Wait for full load

And yet, though this one and a few others have trains waiting for their trains to fill up, they're still efficient enough to keep guests from complaining about wait times or anything. Satisfaction is at least 60% for every ride in this park.

Could you provide pictures of what you're experiencing? If you're on RCTC or a different version of OpenRCT2 (I'm on an old model myself), it may be one of those slight gameplay differences between versions.

(also, you can upload save game files as attachments within posts; you don't need to use third-party sites such as mediafire)
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