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RCT2 Realistically Remade

My goal with this thread is to explore remaking RCT1 or 2 (or even my own scenarios) as if they were realistic parks that you would find in real life!

First up is Forest Frontiers, renamed 'Tivoli Graense" which means "Fairground Frontier" in Danish.  Biggrin

Front of the park: Typical carosel ride, a bunch of buildings with a food court or potty in them. Bobcat, the Dinn woodie built in 1980 dominates the screen!

Little tikes can go on Leapin' Lizard, a Zierer Force custom built in 1978.

Duelling inverting ships of Dutch Dare over look the water, towards Kestrel, a B&M Wing coaster introduced in 2017. It is the second B&M to come to the park!

This is the Polynesian/tropical theme going for here. Trailblazer, a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster added in 2001(red coaster) is the main attraction of the Polynesian Market area. Cannonball, an Arrow Mine Train built in 1984 also gives nice thrills for the younger enthusiasts!

A closer look at Trailblazer, and the lush Polynesian atmosphere planted here!

Forest Flyer, a Gravity Group/Philadelphia Toboggan creation built in 2012 brought the 11 year drought without any new coasters at Tivoli Graense to an end. It's a fast paced and twisty layout which focuses on airtime. It will surely please to the highest quality of enthusiasts. It is arguably the best ride in the park.

And finally, a B&M sit down coaster added in 1999. It made the third "extreme" rated coaster to enter the park, and the seventh in the line up at the time. It is currently unthemed. Guests say it tends to have a slight rattle, especially over the final loop and corkscrew. 

Stick around! I'll keep updating this with new and improving realistically remade scenarios!  Biggrin
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Looks great, the park is definitely in need of more flat rides to fill in some of the empty space though.
Team CoasterTech

Oh no worries. Flat rides will surely come, and there'll be a LOT of them. Thanks for the comment!
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avocado, that looks awesome! are you gonna do a full map view in the future?
You're a lot further with this than I thought. I do agree some more flatrides are needed to compliment the family offer as the park is quite coasterheavy at the moment. Still, great work and very atmospheric. I feel like the scenarios are getting more and more love lately. Something I can only encourage!
Thank you for all the comments! Work on Tivoli Graense is going by quickly, but because of surgery reasons, it has slowed down a bit. It is also the reason I have done some of this so fast.

Jappy - Forest Frontiers has had so many times been remade, and I wanted to do one of my own too. But, if it goes well....I'll be doing Dynamite Dunes next! (Chronologically, whichever is next. It is DD, right?).

With that said - I plan to add tons more flat rides. I did most of the coasters first because I want the tracks to be laid out, so I can placeholder in flats and not do the flats first and have to move everything. I'd say there are 10-15 flats currently, ad opposed to 9 operating coasters, but I will add a BUNCH more.

Also of note: Tivoli Graense is a more...family geared park, so a lot of the high thrill attractions are few in comparison to the amount of child friendly flats. I'd say more than 50% of the rides are aimed at more child friendly park goers. But like Kestrel, and like the RMC opening in 2020 (ingame. In the full release, I don't think I'll have the coaster be fully open, but yet being built. Another realistic property). As a DLC download, I'll add a 2020 version of the file to RCTgo and not NE for the RMC. Or vice-versa.

I removed the B&M sitter. I want one really expensive B&M that the officials of Tivoli Graense saved up for, for many years. A lot of the rides are in RCDB terms: "thrill" or "family" with not many being "extreme" rated. Kestrel, the Arrow looper, a boomerang and soon, the RMC will be about it.

Speking of Kestrel...
Check out a small update I did here!
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I wanted to download that B&M Sitter.
I've begun working on Dynamite Dunes so that I can broaden the projects I work on, and not get bored of Tivoli Graense.  Biggrin

In a heavily unfinished state, and semi-ncso approach (the custom rides are CSO Rolleyes ), I present what I am calling 'Ardu Altaslia' which should literally translate to "amusement land." 

I set for a highly Arabian feel, with a mix of tropical/Mayan sorts of theming.
Let's begin!

Here is the current entrance to the park. There's a twister ride (katapult) in the yellow building! The larger part of the white building has a food court in it.

And an alternate view shows Vulcan, a B&M inverted coaster with five inversions and costing the park 22 million (insert Arabian coinage here) in USD which includes all the landscaping.        
It was the park's first major thrill coaster investment, one of many coming to Ardu Altaslia in a very short amount of time.

Mayan Adventure is a Vekoma Minetrain that opened with the park in 2006. It has the heaviest Mayan theme and it is the only family oriented roller coaster so far for Ardu Altaslia. There are planned family rides though. And it does duel. It's timed to!  Tongue

The Storm, or as officially called, "Storm" is a Mack hypercoaster invested into the park by Nigerian Princes who aren't actually false this time....so they say. It is the second massive thrill coaster that seeks to grab the attention of many park goers even before they reach the park entrance. The height is upwards of 118ft (ingame records) and can be seen for miles. The Storm towers over the rest of the park as the behemoth ride glides through the park reaching from one side to the other! It has a speed of 63mph and 3,635ft of track with two inversions and many air time hills!

The last, and most recent roller coaster to be added to Ardu Altaslia is Lightning Flash, a Mack Launched coaster added just recently in 2019! The 88ft coaster may not be the tallest or the fastest, but it is said to be buttery smooth and pack a punch. It is even slated that the launch has been more forceful, as Mack utilized a different sort of launching system because of the heat. With 4,413 feet of track with three smooth and forceful inversions and a speed of 56mph, Lightning Flash is sure to impress, as the lines show!     

That is about it for this update. Of course, a lot is likely going to change. I plan to add quite a few water rides to help folks cool down as well and plenty of shade. I'm not sure if I will or not, but I tried to do a small GCI wooden coaster but decided against it. I may also try an all-steel version of an RMC because RMC thinks their wood may burn down or something. I'll update hopefully soon with more from Tivoli Graense and Ardu Altaslia alike!

Here's an overview for now! 

I'm very open to any suggestions you may have and will try to hear them out! Let me know what you think. Thanks, everyone!  Biggrin
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Looking great! But just like your last scenario park, perhaps add something else than just coasters? A few water rides would go great in the desert to cool the guests down, or some flat rides?
Of course, of course. Haha. I do the coaster layouts first, and still end up redoing a lot of them, but there will be quite a few flat rides and water rides. Thank you for the comment, Jappy!!
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