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RCTgo Rush! Rules

Yes it does. Now here's everything you need to know! 

Map Sizes
All maps must fit within the tile limits of the given round. Maps may be any shape, but square will be easier for captains/players to count tiles and plan the park. Walls may be used on the outside of tiles without those tiles counting towards the limit. Invisible entrances, paths, and rides off the edge of the visible portion will not count towards the limit. Anything that isn't part of the visible portion of the map should be blacked out.
Round 1: 625 tiles (25x25 if square)
Round 2: 2,500 tiles (50x50 if square)
Round 3: 10,000 tiles (100x100 if square)
Finals: TBA

Building Parks
All vanilla scenery and rides are allowed, as is all custom content. Expansion pack (WW/TT) content and LL (RCT1) textures are not allowed, as they are not exportable, so not every player will be able to view them properly. Exportable custom versions of expansion pack items are allowed.
There are no limits regarding who builds on which park or how many players build on a park. Every player may build on every park if they so desire.
Each round, the time between deadlines will increase by one week: Round 1 will have two weeks before the deadline, Round 2 will have three weeks, and Round 3 will have four. However, this doesn't mean you only have those weeks to build each park; you can start any parks at any time as long as the Round 1 park is turned in by the Round 1 deadline, Round 2 park is turned in by the Round 2 deadline, etc. This means that you technically have five weeks to build the Round 2 park and nine weeks to build the Round 3 park. 

Submitting Parks
All parks are be submitted to the official RCTgo Rush parks profile before the deadline. Percentages should be included in the submission indicating who built on the park and how much of the park they built, as this information will be displayed on the downloadable version of the park (RCTgo does not currently have a system in place to divide percentages automatically on downloads). 
It is recommended that close screenshots are taken of the park and submitted, especially with the larger map sizes, though no more than 10 will be uploaded with the download. This is not required. The referee is in charge of aerial shots, but teams are also welcome to provide their own.

Each round, during the week after the deadline, two polls will be posted (one for each match). Each match during a round will be between two teams. All RCTgo users are permitted to vote, but voters should download both parks before voting. You may not vote in a poll that includes one of your team's parks (such votes will not be counted). After three days, each poll will be closed, and the park with more (legal) votes will be declared the winner of the match.
The two teams with the most wins will move on to the finals, which will consist of a single match with a map size that won't be revealed ahead of time. The team that receives the most votes in the final match will be declared the winner of this season of RCTgo Rush!

Sudden Death
In the event that three teams tie for the most wins, an emergency "sudden death" round will take place between those three teams, a poll will be posted featuring three parks instead of two, and the two teams with the most votes will move on to the finals. In the event that one team accumulates the most wins and multiple teams tie for second, the sudden death round will take place between the teams tied for second, and the winner of that poll will move on to the finals with the winning team.

Player Replacements
If a player decides to join after the signups are closed, they will be placed on the next team in the draft order, then the next player to join will be placed on the next team and so forth. If a player drops out, that team will automatically be next in line to receive a replacement player, but it will not reset the draft order for future replacement players. 

If the referee (Terry in this case) has missed anything in the rules (which is almost a sure bet), or you have questions regarding them, this is the best place to post questions pertaining to the rules, as everyone will be able to see them and the answers. However, he may also be contacted through PM and Discord.

That's It
Start building!
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