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Naming, training and vendor uniforms

Does anyone else bother to name all their vendors, train them up and change their outfit colour? It's all getting rather tedious...all my animal attraction vendors wore green, food and beverage sellers wore white, shop staff wore purple, info kiosk staff wore light blue and most rides were standard issue red - with exceptions in themed areas and transport rides. Is it worth all the hassle?
It's worth it if you enjoy doing it. I think one attraction of games like this is there is no "correct" way of playing, just have fun. Being inveterately lazy I only recolor janitors' uniforms (red for those with set patrol zones, green for roaming) and mechanics' uniforms (red for patrol, white for roaming) so I'll know which can be grabbed and set down somewhere else; I also only adjust prices in fifty cent increments, though many people tweak rides and individual stalls in ten cent increments. Yet I will spend an inordinate time monitoring ride excitement levels while placing scenery items.
this is an area where I'm new at. I've tried to create peeps and vendors only to lose them. How do you place them in the stalls you want them in or patrolling the area. I'd love to be able to create vendor peeps for my structures especially restaurants etc. It would be great to have a restaurant with waiters and cooks or chefs in them.
I'm not aware of customizing stall workers, but mechanics, janitors, and entertainers, (possibly guards also, not sure as I've never used them) can be assigned patrol zones and given names. At the lower center of the info page for the worker is an icon for editing their patrol area, click it and draw the zone in the park (hold down the left mouse button and drag, you will see a blue highlight), when done, click the icon again to close it; when the edit icon is active another icon appears next to it, identical but with an "x" on it, this will delete the patrol zone.

I set janitors for about 12-15 tiles of path, be sure to draw far enough to each side to encompass queue lines and exit lines, and overlap adjacent zones a couple of tiles; always leave a few free roaming janitors. Mechanics can be given much larger areas, though I usually assign one to just the pool area, and make certain their patrol covers the queue lines of all rides in their area; and have a couple of free roaming mechanics. Entertainers i usually give limited areas as I want them to keep guests happy near busy rides or stretches of path with no rides.

For creating peeps as guests i use the "Peep Factory", a small utility that allows you to specify how many children, teenagers, and adults are created, how many male and female of each group, how many are individuals and how many are in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. You can even specify how many men will wear pants and how many will wear shorts, how many women wear one piece bathing suits and how many wear two piece. There's even a cheat tab with checkboxes for the various names. The docs say it can generate 5000 peeps at a time but my experience is it may balk at more than 3000 (I've never had more than about 2700 in a park so generate two batches of 2000 peeps each and all works well).

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