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M Brookes

I use this cheat so often there must be a hundred peeps in every park with that name.  But it doesn't work across the board.

For example,  with the "Colored Walls" set it works on all the walls except the scaffolds, I still cannot place them next to paths (unless turning them "backwards").  And no walls can be placed around stalls unless "backwards".  Is there a workaround for this?

Also, while you can place walls along paths on the ground or elevated, and you can place walls along queue lines on the ground, you cannot place walls along elevated queue lines, unless "backward".
The cheat is non case sensitive, so you could use the same peep. Do "M Brookes", then do "d Brookes" the next time to avoid multiple peeps with same name. The scaffold would be my most used piece, and it bugs me it doesn't work. You can place the walls "inside" before placing the custom stalls and it would work.
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