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RCT2 Batwing Capers Scenario Pack

Hey everyone, I know it has been awhile, but I am still alive and making scenarios. It may have been six months in between, but I finally did release another scenario, and now three have been released.

I am making yet another scenario pack inspired directly by RCT1 scenarios. "Batwing Capers" being modeled primarily after Corkscrew Follies' scenario pack that came as an extra for RCT1, and other scenarios inspired by scenarios from RCT1.
The pack will have 50+ "Batwing Capers" scenarios in the pack, and I'll post updates here on each new scenario that comes out. 

Here are all the scenarios I have currently released for "Batwing Capers", which in my download list, is signified with a "B" in front of the scenario number's name (ex: B01 - Walnut Cove). This is to differentiate THIS pack with my other ongoing RCT1-inspired pack, the scenario set with the letter "C" in front. (ex: C01 - Isle of Displasia)

Let's go!

B01 - Walnut Cove - 900 Guests by the end of year 3.

Walnut Cove is the name of a town sort of near where I live, and that's the inspiration for this name. However, the scenario is DIRECTLY inspired and modeled off of Whispering Cliffs. It has a simple goal but little (more than Whispering Cliffs) space to use.

B02 - Crazy Caverns - 1,300 guests by the end of year 4.

Crazy Caverns is inspired by Iceberg Islands, from Loopy Landscapes, but slightly easier, and much better looking (in my honest opinion). I wanted something very similar to Iceberg Islands, but also vastly different; in comes Crazy Caverns. It's similar in that, there's rock (or ice in regards to Iceberg Islands) formations that path delves into and goes different ways in the "caverns." It doesn't, however, have any ice, or any rides preexisting (except a monorail cycle ride).

B03 - Islandia - Finish building 5 roller coasters with an excitement rating of 6.50 or higher.

You don't have to look twice even at the name to know how this is inspired by Volcania from Corkscrew Follies; it's shaped and modeled like it, with a similar goal, and even has a "volcano" still, but it's a lot different with some new rides that expand from the first pack I've made. (ex: Floorless coaster)

That's all the scenarios I have for now, but fear not, more will come out soon!

What do you think of these scenarios? What do you have qualms about? Do you have any ideas that I can make into a scenario for this pack, or a scenario I make in general? Let me know!
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Hey lads, another scenario's just gone up!

B04 - Fruit Fields - 1,500 guests by the end of year 3.

This is directly inspired by Fruit Farm from RCT1. I do not remember which add on pack it was in, but this is basic heart and soul of Fruit Farm. Even has a train!

Hope you enjoy Fruit Far- er..Fruit Fields! My 148th scenario.  Smile

(Edit: Reuploaded to make the goal a bit easier. Now you can purchase land!)
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