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Game crashes when adding land for sale

I'm making a park in scenario editor, on the largest map size. I want to add a lot of land to buy, but when I do large areas, the game freezes and turns off. How do I stop this happening?
I've never experienced this (I tend to work with small parks) but you may be hitting some hard-coded limit, or a memory issue with your computer. Have you tried adding the land in smaller sections? Or try running the game in a lower resolution until you've added the land. Even though fifteen years old a large park in this game can tax a modern system.
Huh, that's odd. I'm not sure what would fix that, for ya, bud.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
First how much RAM do you have and can you add more. I have the same problem with larger parks, I've got so much stuff on my computer, it eats up all my RAM. I have 12 Gigs of Ram and could use at least another 12 gigs. I can only take off so many programs, because my computer isn't used just for games. I would love to ba able to afford to get a gaming computer with about 4 TB of harddrive space and 36 gigs of RAM, and only put on it RCT3 and maybe one or two more games and that's all. I wouldn't have the problem of crashing then. I say this because my computer only crashes when I make a large park of 175x175 and start putting in a lot of detail. About half way through building the park it starts crashing. The game that is and I find myself back on my desktop.

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