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Virtual Desktop

I was looking around the Microsoft website and stumbled across "XP PowerTools," one of these being "Virtual Desktop." The description said something about running 4 different desktops at once, so that got me interested. I downloaded just that PowerTool (you could download them all at once or one by one) and installed it, and gave it a try. It seems pretty cool, you can setup each one differently, have different programs running in each one (but if you are using for instance Firefox, all are running the same session unless you have multiple windows of it open, BUT each one can keep its own tabs), etc. It's pretty cool, you should try it out! Biggrin

You can get it at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downl...rtoys.mspx

Tell me what you think of it =)

Edit: Actually, it seems that there is a setting that lets you choose whether you want individual desktops or not Wink
thats pretty neat
I downloaded the calculator. What's with the graph?! I put in a number and it won't accept it. WTF?!
[Image: logoea1.png]
I'll be sure to check this outs sounds cool.

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