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Possible to upload an empty park of peeps to view?

Is it possible to upload a park that is empty of peeps?  Trying to download a park to view it with over 2000 peeps  just will not open on my computer. While I appreciate your being able to draw that many peeps to your park I just think an park empty of peeps  would be easier to view which would eliminate the lag which leads to a crash at least in my case.  Maybe others are having the same problem. After 2 attempts to view a park I just give up and delete it.  Thanks for considering this.
There is, unfortunately, no way to remove the peeps from an existing download, as they're part of the file. I agree, there should be a way to do this ingame since they are a significant contributor to lag.

Does it make a difference if, while viewing the park, you make the people invisible? In RCT2, it's the animation of thousands of guests that slows the game down, and rendering them invisible seems to remedy that. RCT3 isn't likely to have as black and white an effect, but it could knock off the worst of the lag at least.
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Thank You for that suggestion, I had not thought of doing that.   I have in the past downloaded a park, in RCT2 and RCT3, closed the park and rides and then fast forwarded the game.  This caused the peeps to leave  and then I saved the park with a "2" after the park name.  I then reloaded the park, the new version #2 and then viewed the park. The lag was much better. Sometimes it worked other times the game would crash before all the peeps where out of the park.  Thanks again for the suggestion on making the peeps invisible. I will give it a try.
Pause the game and try to find an empty part of the park with hardly anything there and zoom in. Then fast forward while running the game. You may have to run it in regular speed for a while to get the numbers down to a reasonable amount, then being able to speed it up. Pause the game and save every few hundred guest.
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Have you tried just closing the park

sorry I didn't see the last comment before mine.  forget what I said
I would like to ask the moderator the following:

Soon I will post my Mega Park, is it possible for me to upload two versions? one with all the peeps and one without them with the park in the beginning at zero?

 my project has several backups and I have it from scratch and another that I open the park and I have peeps in all their glory
Yes just make 2 saves and combine it into one folder.
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I wonder if enabling invisible guests view would help.

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