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   It's been a while... (a very long in regards to the forums... seven months I think). Over that time I've left college, started working full time (soon to have two such jobs), while trying to maintain my social and private life. Due to my schedule RCT simply hasn't had a place in my schedule, or even life, for a long time now. As regrettable as that is - being a huge part of my childhood - I think it's finally time to relegate it to a niche hobby I partake in on rare occasion as opposed to something I worked on every day for hours. With that, I'm going to officially be retiring from RCTgo.

   This site is absolutely fantastic, and by far my favorite such site on the web. Justin, I want to thank you for keeping this place running for as long as you have, without you none of what I or many others accomplished with this community would ever have been possible. I also want to thank our wonderful community here for all of the knowledge and experiences I gained/had in my time here.

   I wish you all the best, and if the site is still running years from now I may eventually return when I enter a less busy stage in life.

Thanks again everyone!

- ChrisMDB
Team CoasterTech

Sad to see you have to do this, and I've even considered it myself. You put up a lot of fantastic work here on this site, and it'll be a shame to see no more of it.

Hopefully, we all can keep in contact though.
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Your retirement seems to be reflecting a larger trend of longtime users slowly departing from the site in favor of careers and academic pursuits. This is perfectly natural, as many of us who started here as teenagers with unlimited free time are now in our 20s and are in the process of navigating the non-RCT realm--a process that's far more time-consuming, especially in the beginning stages, than one initially expects.

While I don't ever see myself retiring from RCT2, the days of working on projects every day for hours on end are long gone for me as well, as I have to devote almost all of my free time to getting my own business off the ground. You are definitely not alone in your decision to reroute RCT as a niche hobby at this time in your life (further proof can be found in the fact that nobody has replied for nearly a month and yet it was still on the Latest Posts list), and we completely understand your decision, as it's one that most of us have been facing to one extent or another in recent years.

The great thing about these games is that they aren't going anywhere, and when you finally do find some time to build again--even if that's years away--RCT (or Planet Coaster) will be ready for you to pick up right where you left off. This is also why I prefer Roombas over actual pets.

Even though most of them seem to be hiding these days, RCTgo and all of its members greatly appreciate what you've contributed to this site over the years--whether it be epic Planet Coaster content, detailed Build It! feedback, or having been one of the most helpful and encouraging members this site has ever seen (but probably all of the above)--and we wish you well on your journey into the next stage of your life!
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