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RCT3 Update - Disneyland Anaheim RCT3: Soaked! and Wild!

Update of Disneyland Anaheim RCT3: Soaked! and Wild!
This images show the left side of the park, The Disneyland Hotel Area with the Hotels (duhh), Pools and Parkings..
The Two Parkes (Disneyland and the Adventure) will be ready soon...

- Mickey and Friends Parking structure and the brand new Pixar Pals Parking Structure
- Disneyland Hotels Complex and swimming pools

This piece represents less than 20% of the entire map which includes 2 parks and exciting new attractions ... all soon at RCTgo

see you soon, a hug

[Image: rtA95OK.png]
[Image: Ai7Nc7Q.png]
[Image: oO9OOJa.png]
[Image: g0HrRGd.png]
[Image: dqnNB0w.png]
[Image: gsX17P2.png]
[Image: bbmzLCc.png]
[Image: 446Ktg9.png]
[Image: Q3eqfF9.png]
[Image: nrTGAOx.png]
[Image: QeZTRgR.png]
[Image: tXK6i3p.png]
[Image: wtTcTCl.png]
[Image: 2cadDGp.png]

The images of Parks (DisneyLand and Adventure) SOON....the download of this Mega Park...SOON..i Promisse...Bye and a Hug For all, thank you

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