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RCT3 Can anyone make a stall selling baby strollers?

I know this is a long shot because a lot of people don't play and make CS for RCT3 anymore, but I was wondering if it was possible to make a CS stall that sells strollers with babies in them? It would be cool to see families walking around the park pushing a stroller, just like in a real theme park, and I figured having a stall that sells custom objects (strollers) would be the best way to make that happen. I know it's more advanced than regular CS, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows if such a thing is possible?
As cool an idea as this would be, from what I've gathered from similar threads on the matter, custom stall content cannot be created. Even though custom stalls may exist as buildings, none of them sell anything different from the in-game stalls (even if it's renamed, it's still a regular RCT3 food/souvenir item).

If this sort of custom content were possible, I'm sure this stall would have been a fixture in RCT3 parks during its peak popularity, as it would be one of the more clever uses of this type of content. As long as the creator specified that the item sold was an inedible souvenir, of course, and not a donut. Then it would be popular for a different reason.
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That would be a cool feature if it could be done.
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Possible? Yes. Feasible? Not likely. As best as I can tell stall contents are hard coded, the most you could do is replace (via editing the exe) old contents with new. Then you face the task of creating the stroller model and animations of guests pushing a stroller, and linking those to the new stall (and what if the guest pushing the stroller wants to go on a ride? now you need a method to leave to stroller on the path and have the guest return to it later).

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