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RCT3 [Req] Newbie tips and tricks

Hi jgf,

I still haven't played with swimming pools yet but I'm thinking that they might be extremely popular in a desert climate.

The highest ride rating I've had so far is 287, and the park I posted above gets 286. Assuming that the highest ride rating possible is 300 then the highest possible overall park rating would be 1150. I've never had higher than 1137.

But then again I'm still very new to the game, less than 2 months. As yet I still haven't created any pools or water parks, I haven't played with the landscaping tools very much and I haven't tried creating custom coasters or buildings. Perhaps one day I'll achieve a ride rating of higher than 290.

In the park I posted above the paths are 3 squares wide with lots of trees down the middle, those trees were a late addition. By putting all those extra trees in the path I reduced the overall path area by about 15%. Before I did this 16 Janitors just wasn't enough. I also noticed while I was doing this that the more I prettied up the park the more likely people were to put rubbish in the bin instead of dropping it on the ground. There are lots of bins around the place.

I've definitely been sucked in by this game though, I'll get many more very happy hours from it.


I am a big fan of pools....steady income and more peeps....I would be as concerned about park rating as you are about ride ratings...
I currently am working on a simply laid out park 150x150.....ride rating 286....park rating 1236.....5300 peeps.....48 rides with 5 coasters...
92 janitors....45 mechanics......10 security....5 actors.....52 food/drink stalls.....a variety of other stalls....
If you put s trash can every 3rd block you will be clean.....all mechanics have patrol areas...no janitors have patrol areas...
With a $9.000 salary being paid I am still generating a $2500 monthly profit.....more rides, more peeps, more profit....
With pools you need a swimsuit stand, inflatable stand, all near the pool(s) and I have 29 sun block stands...all in profit.....
Start with a comfort zone for yourself but whether you are after one goal or another big is the answer...
P.S. I was able to get an enhanced park rating by setting up park objectives that reward a park rating bonus instead of money.....
Any questions, just ask...
(Jul 10, 2020, 11:00 AM)baron65 Wrote: P.S. I was able to get an enhanced park rating by setting up park objectives that reward a park rating bonus instead of money.....
Any questions, just ask...

Thanks for the suggestions and advice, Bruce. I'm currently sorting ideas in my head before starting a new park and I'll try to incorporate everything people have told me so far.

I'm not normally a very artistic person but this time I want to create something beautiful, it's going to take a lot of thought before I start. I might also make good use of some of the bugs and faults in the game, there's some that offer great opportunities for exploitation.



Hi all,

I'm still just experimenting with many different ideas and I thought I'd share them with you. There's a copy of what I've started on attached below.

As you can see in the pictures I've gone back to the 4 little parks instead of just 1 big one. I'm trying to minimise costs and maximise profits. Each of the 4 gates has an identical path layout, each of them should only need 3 janitors and 2 mechanics.

In this configuration that train ride is by far your biggest earner, it holds a maximum of 288 people and there's another train every 15 seconds.

I'm going to try and have only 1 of each different ride. 2 of the sections will get roller coasters, 1 will get animal enclosures, and 1 will get a nice swimming pool.

Once I've laid every thing out and got it how I like it there should be a bit of empty space left over where I can do some landscaping and pretty it up.

I think this park will only hold a maximum of about 2000 people but I expect it to make about 3500 a month profit.



P.S. The forum wouldn't let me attach the park for some reason so I uploaded a copy here:


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Another bug I forgot to mention, in case you've not already encountered it, is with the vertical rides - Launched Freefall, Rotodrop, Observation rides. When you reload a save guests on these rides will not exit them; querying these rides after a few minutes will show numerous complaints about wait times and "I want to get off", but they wont get off. Two solutions: close the rides and wait for the guests to exit before saving, then open them after reloading (I never remember to do this); or after loading the save zoom in to the base of the ride, when it comes to a stop and the restraints lift, pause the game and pick up the seated guests one at a time and drop them on a path (with the observation rides wait til the doors open and remove any guests who do not exit, you can grab them through the windows as long as the cursor pops up their name when hovered over them; the irritant here is all the maneuvering of your view due to light reflecting on the windows). Note - closing the rides after you've loaded the save does nothing, the guests just sit there on the closed ride.

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