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RCT3 Can't open my park!

I know, I know, another post right after my other post. So if you read my last thread, I couldn't place entrances or exits, so I uninstalled RCT3. I reinstall it, load it up, and try to open my park. I opened it in Scenario editor because that's what I'm making it on. But then, when it gets to Activate Objects, it crashes. And I have the custom scenery I used. I spent some time in this park, so I was super upset! And I don't wanna give up the park I put my time into. So does anyone have any advice??
It sounds like either a missing object or corrupt save file (given the previous issues I suspect the latter).  If you have a backup save (will have a .bak extension), remove the ".bak"  and load it;  if it loads check all work, all rides, etc., save again with a different name just in case, and try the edits again.

I will say that if a particular park starts giving problems it's best to abandon it.  I've had parks freeze then CTD during building, when I tried to continue them there were always issues with something, one time I had one tile on which I could never build anything, another time guests would not go beyond a specific path tile even if i deleted and rebuilt the path.  

My safeguards-
-Always save any custom coaster as soon as you've finished it.  If you lose your recent work on that park you at least don't lose that coaster.
-Frequently save your park.  Just added and landscaped a flat ride?  Save.  Just built a coaster?  Save.  Just added a food court?  Save.  I use consecutive numbers, "My Park 1", "My Park 2", etc.;  it's not uncommon to have a couple of dozen saves, periodically I delete all but the first two (in case i want to reuse that landscape) and the last two (in case something new screws up).
-Do not work more than about an hour at a time creating and editing.  Save, exit the game entirely, and restart.  This clears the entire system and lets you start fresh, much less chance of corrupt files, memory leaks, all the various gremlins that cause crashes.  (I have found this good practice for any windows program.)

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