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RCT2 Mechanic Issues :

I've been plying RCT2 for years. At one point for longer periods of time. over the summer I play it more due to be off of work (I work in a school) my question is this, for as long as I've been playing the one thing that always gives me the most issue are my mechanic placement. RCT2 you need to place the mechanic at the exit. I know. still, some times they just walk back and forth. respond...walk back and forth, never going in at time to fix the ride. so I ask this...what is better placement of entrance to exit? one on each side of ride? is side by side an issue? I high light the walkways in blue before you ask. lol like I said, been playing a long time. I use OpenRCT. what else...would spacing out the rides be best for mechanic location...less confusing for them? Any feed back and points would be great. seems to be my only issue as always and I would like to settle this issue once and for all. give me all you can on mechanic placement before my head explodes!!!! ty...


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