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Newbie - what I've learned

Some final tricks.

Tweaking the ride prices.

Open the Guests dialog under Park Management. Change the settings so that the dialog is showing the guest's thoughts instead of their status, then sort the list order by thoughts. About half way down the page you will find guests thinking "I'm not paying that much for...."

This is in between "I'm not hungry." and "I'm not thirsty.". You can use this to tell just how much you can get away with charging for rides and stuff.

Micro-managing your park appears to give better results than using the cheats. By immediately pausing and placing mechanics next to anything that breaks down I keep a consistently high number of people in my park and my profits are fairly consistent too. I still have not even tried to set patrol areas for mechanics or janitors.

When a park is fully finished like mine before you even start the clock the game follows a regular pattern. During the first year, and up until late May of the second year, people can't leave the park. This means that by May of the second year your population is much higher than it will ever be again and so are your profits. In the last half of the second year the park population drops back to regular levels and your profits take a huge hit during these months. Once the third year starts all your numbers start to settle down into a routine and you get a better idea of what your averages really are.

I used these tricks and opened Tiny Park 3 again. I raised all the ride prices and the park entry fee. I ran the game at normal time and paused immediately that anything broke down and got it fixed. And I hired 2 more mechanics.

Average people in park: 2580
Average monthly profit: 5500


That's right, from that same park a bad month now only makes 5300 dollars.

That's it. I've kicked all the goals I wanted to, now maybe I can catch up with some neglected housework.


For ride pricing just click on the ride and select the guests' thoughts. "I'm not paying that much" means the price is too high, "xxx is a really good value" means it is too low; ignore the "want to go on something more intense", no matter the ride there will be a few of those; "I want to go on xxx again" on a coaster is a good sign. (For a laugh name a popular coaster "Your Face", let it run a while and check the guest comments.)

Ride breakdowns, and litter, also affect the number of guests entering the park. That's one reason I always assign patrol zones; without them when a ride breaks down the game will assign the first free mechanic to repair it, if he happens to be on the other side of the park that ride is down til he strolls over there, meanwhile other mechanics who were busy are now free but will walk right past that ride completely ignoring it because it already has an assigned mechanic. With zones the repair will be assigned to the mechanic in that zone who, even if currently busy, will usually get to that ride before a mechanic from elsewhere could. Same with janitors, drop a roving janitor down by a pile of litter and he just walks away ...because that cleanup has already been assigned to some other janitor.

And with coasters the length of the ride directly affects the frequency of breakdowns; I built a coaster with a four minute circuit, it literally broke down after each ride; I finally tore it down and rebuilt it less than half that length (and since you cannot charge more than $10 for a ride why have 4 min for $10 when the same guests will happily pay $10 for a 90 second ride).

BTW, I think I've mentioned this, never set a $10 fare for a ride even though that is the max allowed, use $9.50. It is a singular bit of weirdness in the game that, for a good ride, guests will comment that $9.50 is "a really good value", with maybe 5% saying they cannot afford that ride, but raise the fare to $10 and suddenly 20%-30% can't afford it (while, irritatingly, many of the rest are still saying it is a good value).

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