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Alton Towers RCT3 News - Deleting Downloads! New Downloads Coming!

Written on 16th August 2020 (08:00pm)

I wanted to address this problem that has been nagging me for sometime now, If you watch my channel. You know that there is a series of videos called "Alton towers RCT3". It basically what you think. And after making the videos. I decided to start a new, by uploading the files of ATR RCT3 to RCTgo. So that anyone who watches my videos can play through my work.

BUT! There is one problem. Over the months i got a bit worried that no-one could play through the game files because they dont have the long list of CS (Custom Scenery) i used to make the rides. So for most of the past two months, I was debating or not whether to delete the links to download them. And after a lengthy think of my two one brain cells. I decided i will remove the links due to having serving no purpose on the site and just decaying on this site for months on end.

So, you might be thinking? (you're probably not, but still.)

What's next for my RCTgo page?

Well, not to worry, because things will be going more differently then before, 
What im planning on doing is:

TRACK-FILE DOWNLOADS: Download the actual coaster.
SUPPORT DOWNLOADS: Download the supports for the coaster.
(NOTE: You will need Moby's Steel Jungle V1-2, GRP's Catwalks, Ody's Coaster Goodies V.3 for this)

I don't know when they will be up for download. But they will come soon. I will find a suitable release in either October or November because i'm already packed for September.

Anyway, Good aye! 
Biggrin   -JBP87-

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