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RCT2 Made my first track! Now what?

*RCT2 with WW and TT expansions*

I always get frustrated when I research a new track design and go to build a coaster in my scenario, and there aren't any pre-designed layouts. It messes up my rhythm of playing the game! Anyway, I decided to make my first track in the designer and made an Ostrich theme ride (WW).

So I made a simple track, nothing fancy. It works without crashes or anything. I tested it in a scenario on my game and it worked fine. I am assuming up to that point I've done everything right.

I wanna upload it here to share (just to help if someone wants more instant gratification with their Ostrich ride) and I can't seem to find the .td6 file anywhere in the "Tracks" folder. Can someone help me connect the dots please?

Nevermind! I figured out that it was an administrator setting on my computer that wouldn't allow me to see it for some reason? But it is fixed now. I will be uploading an Ostrich and a Hippo ride, and possibly more down the road.

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