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RCT3 Possible bug: All rides locked at 1 car?

EDIT:  I have the dumb!  It turns out you can't change the number of cars while the ride is open.  You have to close it.  I now have all 5 "cars" on this canoe ride.  Whew.  

EDIT: Spoiler boxes aren't working anymore so I have to leave it as is.

Howdy, all!  I've got an interesting issue that seems to have cropped up on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Complete.  It's from the Epic Games store.  I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced it.

I'm in Sandbox mode, and somehow, every single ride is locked at 1 car.  I cannot increase the number.  It really is true for every ride.  No matter how many station pieces or length of the ride I change, there's only ever a single car available.  Naturally, this makes ride line length times horrific.  

Here's a screenshot.

[Image: 0oEG95w.png]
Messing with the settings in the "Vehicles" block or the "Operating Mode" blocks (Both of which are displayed (and edited in) in the screenshot.) has no effect.  So I'm kind of worried.

Thanks for the feedback!

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