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Port Aventura Project (Help)

i want start making Port Aventura, a really awesome park! anyone can help on this project or tell where i can get cool pics from the park!?!

tnkx in advance..
Here you go, i have some pictures of Port Aventura. Always happy to help, just so you know.[Image: port%20aventura%202001.jpg][Image: Port%20Aventura%20SALOU.jpg] Smile
yo i've been i can help you build some rides !
[Image: tpsig19pz.jpg]
very tnkxSmile i really love this park.
coasterboy123 Wrote:yo i've been i can help you build some rides !

tnkx tnkxSmile
here is a very good picture of dragon khan !
[Image: dkhan.jpg]
and [Image: DragonKhan.jpg]
oh and this ! [Image: dragon-khan1.jpg]
[Image: tpsig19pz.jpg]
if you do a bit file the pic and ill see if its like it (i should know ive been there 5 times and stayed in the on site hotels and planning to go again this winter)
Temple of Fire.. What a cool name.
[Image: 1.jpg]
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