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RCT3 Track Stats

EDIT: Just figured out a way to make .td6 tracks into .trk!! Go into coaster designer, and save the track! Edit the track if you want -- I'm not good at track design, yet. -- and it will save it as a trk file!! *dances*

So, I'm looking through all the tracks I've downloaded from this wonderful place and I'm finding 1 thing I really do not like:  no track stats.

It's very time consuming and frustrating to have this long list of coasters in the "Imported from previos version" section, where you find all the ones you've downloaded, and have to pick one and find out it takes 1/2 your park then have to delete it and go through the list again...  I'm willing to go through every track and write down all the stats, the space required, excitement, intensity and nausea levels, speeds and all that, however, they aren't shown anywhere when you put the track down in your park...  

My big question is, is there some way to put the track in the park, then go in and find all those stats?  Most importantly, I'm looking to find a way to see the space requirements!!  It's wonderful that the track browser shows it all when opening the .trk files, but for downloaded .td6 files? Nada.  Or if there was a way to convert .td6 files to .trk ??  Yeah, my dumb lime tried to just change the file extension and add the [track type here] tag and open in game, it lists, but when you try to build, it crashes game...

Can anyone help?  This whole thing is driving my OCD insane!!  I just want to be able to get the space required for all the wonder tracks y'all have uploaded for us to download!!

Edit: I play on RCT 3 Platinum
I have figured out that if I put the track down, open the construction window on it, then run it in test mode and let it run at least 2 trains, I can then go to the test results and flip through the options to get most of the information.  The only thing I can't easily get is the size.  I'm thinking the only way I'm going to be able to get that is to try to lay sidewalk from end to end each direction and count tiles as I go.... pain in the lime way to do it...

Add'l edit:  HA!!!  Leave an OCD person to try to figure things out and eventually we get it!
Try loading the coaster in the "create coaster" option.

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