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RCT3 Working download links

Are there any working download links for these  3 custom tracks attached?

The site https://ridesrct.wixsite.com/ridesrct/custom-tracks no longer provides usable download links for these.

They can be uploaded here to make it easier for everyone.

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User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-23653-po...#pid133975
I found some! (Several, actually.) I noticed almost all of Cinipaes' and RealTycoon3's downloads on that site were broken, but after downloading everything and installing it, I found that I had even more than before! Not sure exactly where I got them though…
You can find the CS for Batman the Ride on several uploads here, but I got my copy from the 'CS You Need!!!!!' package: https://download1648.mediafire.com/90z56...%21%21.rar
I found this site https://usefulrct3.blogspot.com/ which features the coaster, but the download links are the same Frown
There are several identical versions of the Boomerang and the Batman Ride out there, but several also broken on the website you referenced.

As for the Vekoma SCL… that should say 'SLC' but the Readme had a typo. Here are the links:
CTR: https://download946.mediafire.com/bvp5dv...LC+CTR.rar
CT: https://download939.mediafire.com/drs21m...Vekoma.rar
plz save us nathan i am trying to find batman too.
do you also have some other CTs?
Yeah I do have some but do you have this Ct by Any Chance[Image: index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=22][Image: 439b1d_c5d534cde3a99a50f889111ea78420ac.jpg]

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