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RCT3 Park Drops w/ Google Drive

Due to the amount of parks I've done, I decided to create an easy document to keep track of the items used for each park.

Using Google Drives, I've split a Spreadsheet into "Other" and "Cedar Fair/Six Flags". A separate sheet contains all links and downloads I've ever used. Also included is a Google Doc that contains the Park Drop list.

As a treat I will be uploading groups of parks called "Park Drops". It will typically contain about 5 parks. Please use these new park drop uploads to ensure all items are needed. The drop files will be update; ie 2021 with some 2022 updates. Replace the old ones with these instead. 

Google Drives link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1...sp=sharing

The first Park Drop will contain Heide Park, Thorpe Park, Walibi Belgium, Walibi Holland, and Warner Bros Movie World.

------ While the spreadsheet shows every park I've ever done, the items needed may not have been used when the original park was uploaded.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-23653-po...#pid133975
This is great! I should do this myself once I start making parks.

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