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RCT2 How to keep guests from getting lost in RCT2, OpenRCT2 & RCT Classic

First, keep your paths simple. A grid path pattern is the best (rectangles).
Don't make your paths go all over the place in random fashion and with lots of corners.
Keep the width of your paths no larger than 2 units.
Try to not have great height changes on your paths. Guest will go up and down, up down and get lost.
This does not apply to ride entry & exit paths, but it is very important to put a Banner Sign indicating "No Entry" to keep guests from walking into exit paths without reason (which they will if you don't!).
Never place a Stall in front of a Ride Entry. Guests will inadvertently walk into the entry and walk out without getting on the ride, which contributes to their getting lost.

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