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Hello to you all I am new here!

Hello Good Morning Afternoon to you all everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself some and hope you all had a good merry christmas and a happy valentine's day this week everyone!

Well I have been playing roller coaster tycoon for years since 1999 I believe especially since parks around the world are getting rid of their good classic coasters which upsets me a lot like it does to yall I don't blame you all but nothing lasts forever life goes on by the way.
Since I'm from around Houston and went to Astroworld from 1999 to 2004 which I'm still very angry about as I wish it was still here and probably some of the coasters from Astroworld like XLR8 Ultra Twister Greezed Lightning would've been probably removed later on if Astroworld was still open then I wouldn't have no intentions going back to Astroworld or any amusement park that's not the same anymore. But I am happy what i went to and been on.

I have completed most rct1 scenarios for rct2 (openrct2) which took me almost ten years to finish complete turned into real life inspirational parks like Cedar Point Magic Mountain and Kennywood into most USA States I picked for fun. And I didn't do every scenario though just most scenarios that have desert, forest, mountain, and beaches in them. Soon I will be showing off some of my creations as I been willing too and heard about this site from some RCT Players on Youtube which took me away blown me away!

Well if you all want to you can send me a emial message and ask me anything you want as I'm not always free with things up coming in life as I will always be prepared accept what comes have faith in god!
Thank you all so much stay safe god bless!

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