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Old rct2 parks from RCT defunct sites

I thought I come by ask and looking for some old rct2 parks from long ago as I remember the names and some who created them! I only found one rcttown park on nedesigns and no luck later!
Sites were rcttown theme park review game exchange and TPR game forum and coasternet and here are the park names!

1.Glenwood Park modernized from TPR Game Exchange by Rocketman1219 with classic and modern rides.

2.Pelican Bay from TPR Game Exchange by Cyrbuzz a seaside beach park with a stadium.

3.Thunder Lakes from Theme Park Review Game Forms by dmaxsba some big amusement park with lots of coasters and scenery one with WW TT expansions and the other with no expansions!

4.Six Flags Great Thrills from rcttown a big park with six flags named rides.

5.Six Flags TTD2 a big six flags park with lots of coasters.

6.Six Flags Xtreme Canada by thirstydeer (I think it's his creator name) a custom six flags park that was on TPR as I remember that had interesting things!

7.Boardwalk and Baseball was from Coasternet and was made by Cyrbuzz which was a cool colorful park with a stadium the same Creator before he went on TPR!

8.Six Flags Buckeye Lake I think it was from Coasternet had a large lake with lots of cool coasters.

9.Sea Escape by Cyrbuzz from Coasternet as well.

I had some of these parks long ago somehow lost them and can't find them anywhere except what I can find little on way back machine if anybody has any of these park files copy and can possibly upload them on here or send them to me my email is [email protected] I would really a
If not I understand thanks so much!

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