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RCT2 RCT2 Time Twister and Time Twister Scenarios! Hmmm?

Hello rctgo everyone on here! I hope everyone is doing well okay good safe blessed so far this year as I don't always have much free time rest from things being irritated sad and mad about things trying my best to stay strong be proud of what I am have don't have accept what things are until something later on happens to me!

Well sorry I don't so much but little things everyonce in a while as I know I been showing good bit of new coasters I built in my previous scenarios! But mostly don't have time to build work on a whole new small medium or big scenario or sandbox with these unpredictable things and life I'm dealing with!

But anyways I was wondering about the Scenarios from RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister?

To see what did you all think of wacky worlds and time twister? Good or bad?

Well I never touch or messed with any of these scenarios just looked around explore them which some were very interesting to me!
I liked the Fun At The Beach, Grand Canyon, Extreme Hawaiian, Gemini City, Cliffside Castle just most of those scenarios!

And I know both WW TT weren't made by Chris Sawyer except Frontier as some scenarios were based on real life landmarks the Great Wall of China, Inca Lost City, Alcatraz Prison Island and Woodstock Flower Power! Interesting still I thought of!

So if anything do you all any of you think I should do the wacky worlds and time twister scenarios even with less limited time I have?

I'm pretty much happy of what I built previously so far but since I don't always have a lot of time being in compliant pushed at sometimes argued at of things and myself being!

Well I will always try my best at things to enjoy myself no matter what comes up and will see if I ever get the chance to do any of these wacky worlds and time twister!

If it's okay I just won't do these scenarios Great Wall of China Tourism Enhancement, Maharaja Palace, Inca Lost City, Flower Power (Woodstock) Prison Island (Alcatraz) since those scenarios are based on real landmarks and maybe just inspired by them!
And just want to leave those scenarios as peace like so in real life!

But I might do Ayers Rock to turned it into a different rock mountain setting along with Thunder Rock and Rocks I did!

Just a thought and maybe!

Sorry for long message and some inconvenience things I said talked of and thought If I can ask if i should do any wacky worlds and time twister scenarios just not all of them or some of them!

Thanks for anything and replies!
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