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Hi all

Hello all.

I have been a long time gamer of RCT1 & RCT2 bit had stopped due to life. I recently got the  RCT classic mobile app to help pass my long nights. I had forgot how much fun I had with the game. So I decided to google places where I could share my equal enthusiasm for the game and stumbled upon this awesome site. 

I hope to make some new friends and also share and learn from you all. 

Thank you in advance to all.
Welcome! You've come to the right place. RCTgo is the finest site for RCT Classic tracks, parks, and scenarios, with hundreds (or even thousands) of each created by RCT players over the years. And of course, you can upload your own creations as well!

If you also have a computer, you might also enjoy trying OpenRCT2 sometime. It is the open source version of RCT2, and it allows the player to bypass many of the original game's limitations, such as clearance checks, chain lift speed, and which vehicles can be used on each track to name a few. It's essentially an extended sandbox mode of the original game that's ever-expanding!

Hope to see some of your creations soon!
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¡Viva Mexico!
Hello. Glad to be here!

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