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Evening Chaps

Hi..shoulda posted here fist but meh...=p

Been a huuuuuuuge RCT1 fan. I have a perfect park which I played for 75 years (999 rating since year 3....)

Never got RCT2.....and now I have finally got RCT3 Biggrin

Unfortunately my laptop sucks (1.3ghz, 64mb INTEL! gfx card, 256 ram.....) so the FPS is rubbish all the time but it's playable.

A little about me?

I live in <snip> , a little <snip> and it's where Eastenders, Big Brother and a whole lot more are filmed.

I'm a massive gamer, especially Nintendo games. I lvoe Zelda and Metroid and I'm also a huge Halo fan.

I design websites too. A lot! Here are some of my mroe recent sites:


Got a whole load more I lose track to be honest hehe.

I also love graphic designing things like wallpapers. Here's a recent one:

[Image: chromialcelestia7yv.th.jpg]

I'll leae it at that before you all fall asleep Wink
welcome to rct3x!

btw we dont allow sensitive information in posts, so excuse any editing I'm gonna amke
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Hey, welcome to the Forum! Have fun at Planet RCT3X Biggrin
welcome knighty.
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5 videos FOR YOU
tikitiki Wrote:welcome to rct3x!

btw we dont allow sensitive information in posts, so excuse any editing I'm gonna amke

Don't wanna argue with the rules but surely that should be my choice? Meh nvm :P

Thanks for welcomes Smile
We could get sued. For instance, we could get sued by you because someone stole your identity and we held the content :!:
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You could just put it in the sign up page that you're not held responsible for any kind of identify theft. I think that would cover it......but that's not my choice anyway. I just like places where everyone can be personal.
Here are the rules: http://rct3x.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=704

We cannot change the registration because it would be a volation of our boards tos.

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Ok that's fine I don't wanna mess with the rules :P
I dont know about the rules in USA, but i have seen some UK sites where people tell there names, where they live an pictures of them selves. As we are a UK site, but have a large amount of american members im not sure about the rules! I know you have to be 13+ to join because of the COAP or something like that!

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