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mines just easy jag is apart of my name and the 100 well jag was already taken i moth forums so thatwhy theres a 100 at the end

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one night, when it was raining heavily with thunder and lightning pearcing the earth, a young boy called Dane was playing rollercoaster tycoon 1, when suddenly, his dad came in explaining that the family was going to blackpool pleasure beach for the week-end. The young boy was pleased, and so packed his stuff and had an early night to prepare for the long journey north. When the family got to blackpool, they went on all the childrens rides first, until the boy asked his dad,"daddy, can we go on that big huge red one?"
"WHAT!! THE PEPSI MAX BIG ONE!!!!? your brave to even think of going on it at your age, but i will gladly take you on it son"
And so, the boy and his dad went on the roller coaster, and as they were going up the lift hilll, the boy started to feel a sharp tingle down his spine, he felt butterflies in his stomach, he finally faced the harsh reality of fear! but as they got to the top, the boy realised that this event would change the outcome of his life. The roller coaster went down the first drop, and the boy felt something he had never felt before-G forces! Afterwards, the boy said to his dad,"Dad, can we go on bigger, better and faster coasters!"
that question would change the way the world looked to the boy, soon, the boy was circling the country to find the best coaster in the world, he went on anything, his friends just sat and watched while he defied fear and death to face the most negative of G's, to his friends, he was a maniak, to the girls, a hero. He was soon known by his friends as....NeG-A-Tive-G. To this day, he is still looking for the best thrills and excitement and will one day become the best roller coaster designer in the world.......his tale will continue to grow.....soon people everywhere will be riding famous coasters and flat rides built and designed by yours truelly...so my friends...remember thst name, for you will be seing it everywhere in the worlds greatest themeparks...
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current projects-Drayton Manor-50%
-Island P4XX
Well... I like (love) Michael Jordan - mj
I'm a guy and my friend says i'm a 'dude' - dude
MJ's number (except in 95and96) - 23
My name. Plus I put ten @ the end for all usernames cus my first 1 there was only alasdair10 left. Pretty simple.
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