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How many Valentines day cards did you get

A Big Fat 0........and there was me thinking i was Casanova....
Its been kindof wierd the last few days for me!

I was really close to this lass, then, it all went wrong. But i like another lass, so its ok Smile

2 txt's (If that counts)
Well, I got one from my wife and my boss at work passed out cards to all employees.
I got 2

I forgot my friend sent one with a pic of her daughter so that makes
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I got one from my gfriend. We really dont do much for valentines day.

BTW, love the sig Beelitz xD
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Yall suck. I didn't get crap. Probably because I don't have a girlfriend.
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Join the club...doh Update:My Ex got me one, but didnt bother to fill it out......doh. So i did get one, but it could of come from the queen for all its worth.
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