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Custom Scenery Links

i have posted all websites and tutotials links that have something to do with custom scenery on this thread. if i have missed any please PM me or post here

for people who what to keep up to date with custom scenery downloads. i have made a small list of websites which show all new custom scenery. at the moment there are only 7 but soon this will be loaded with custom scenery sites

CSO Database
Jonwils Updated scenery site
Universe Of Rct3

4th March '06
- rct-theme-world added
5th March '06
- Virtual-Coaster added
- Universe Of Rct3 added

if people want to start making or having trouble with installing custom scenery i have put links up to some great tutorials for the importer, 3d model programs, installing custom scenery and many other useful stuff. i will update the links if there are any other tutotials or if you know a place just tell me and ill add it on the list

Custom Scenery Wiki by Jonwil
scenery importer tutorial by jonwil
Phil's Guide To All Things Custom! by phil
DRP's Effect Point and Transformation Matrix Tutorial by DarkRidePerson
3D studio custom object & texturing tutorial by MaxInfinity
HOW to install custom scenery on my RCT3? by iceatcs
Notice to Sketchup users! (And other 3d modellers in general)
by phil
How To Install Custom Sceanery..... by shaun allsop
RCT3 Texture Tutorial (Milkshape) by marnetmar

16th May '06
-How To Install Custom Sceanery..... added
-RCT3 Texture Tutorial (Milkshape)
4th March '06
-Notice to Sketchup users! (And other 3d modellers in general) added
-Custom Scenery Wiki added
Thanx 4 the info
IMG: http://i13.tinypic.com/34sl1qh.jpg
^thats ok
[Image: jag100banner.gif]
I have downloaded them now so thanx very much!
IMG: http://i13.tinypic.com/34sl1qh.jpg
Just to let peaple know to clear up any confussion. SA Productions dont do custom sceanery. The stuff on the downloads page are requests that peaple have made for buildings ect. My site is not a compatiton agaisnt rct fansites. Its just a request site. There isnt many of these about so I just wanted to offer somthing that isnt really out there yet. Hence the reason for using a rubbish host and a bit of a poor layout. ( I dont know PHP or HTML lol)

So jag, maybe you could make a new section for request sites and move miine to that.

[Image: jag100banner.gif]
Thanks jag I have downloaded them and used them here
IMG: http://i13.tinypic.com/34sl1qh.jpg
i cant get the steel works set as the link on the site the doesnt work can anyone help me?
http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/7000/...urevv2.jpg[Image: timosigniturevv2.th.jpg]
steel works you said I think that you should visit the steel works homepage.
The download should work. Hope this helps.
[Image: image.png]
New Disney Expansion pack, is it true

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