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Guess Who's Back

Hi [name]

I am back Smile If you didnt know, i have been away on a Geography field trip to the middle of no where, but then i realised it was next to Flamingo Land SmileSmile saw the new coaster, looks cool!

Anyway, Im back, and look out for some new things happening very soon :lol:

Cheers, Rob
Welcome back rob! Biggrin
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welcome back
He was away?
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I was indeed :P
Welcome back rob! How was the trip? Fun?
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Welcome back dude, congrats to Boro in Europe.Tell us more about this new coaster at Flamingoland, its a rather un talked about park in England and am not to familiar with it.Does it have anymore?
Welcome Back, did you get my PM?

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welcome back m8!!
u support middlesboro???FrownFrown
i dnt like you anymore, u knocked my team out of the FA cupFrownFrown
me, i'm a Coventry City Supporter hehe lol only jokin m8 i dnt h8 ya, but the sky blues gave boro a hard time Smile
how woz ya trip?? i have seen pics of Kumali, the new inverted coaster, but i dont think it looks any good, oh well, w8 n see eh?
b.t.w if there are any Sheff United fans here then sorry but....WE BEAT YOU!!!! hahahalol SmileSmileSmile
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welcome back
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