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seen any movies recently

seen any movies recently if you have then just tell us here. just tell us what movie you saw and just tell us what was it about
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I went to see 'Date Movie' last night!

Pretty funny, but nothing special. It includes rip off scenes from other films, a decent laugh :lol:
I saw firewall -which was "ok" could have waited till it came out on DVD. I also saw 16 block which it too was ok. We rented that new movie with ryan Reynolds, I think it's called Best Friend or somthing? that was really funny, a must see. -chick flick of corse-
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I saw the Sphere for the first time the other day...with Samuel L Jackson.Its a pretty wierd film....only at the end does it explain itself.Once again Jackson excels...
Just saw Final Destination 3, I think i'll think twice before going on a coaster now. lol
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See it here!
i watched aeon flux last night, pretty good but not great.
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I'm off to see Silent Hill tonight... should be a goodun.

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