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Premiership Conclusion

Finally the wait is over, for any of you intrested in English football, the first week of results is now over.......and my team Chelsea won 3-0......only 37 games to go.Were going for 3 titles in a row, if we did, wed be the 5th team in history only, to do it.......Still Man Utd are looking good though, with Arsenal and Liverpool drawing, that can only mean good news for us.I bet Robs dissapointed with Boro's result against Reading, nevermind mate, next game is against US.And we want revenge for last seasons defeat.:wink:

Lets hope we can pull it off again Smile Shame about our 3-2 loss Frown
Man Utd all the way.
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Well that's great for you guys, I'm a leicester city fan* and I support them and last season we didn't even mak it back into the premiershop, we finished about half way down the premiership and now we're in division 1.

Mind you, it is another football event I can ignore, if Leicester isn't in it.

Smile :wink:

*I say fan, I mean I've watched about 10 minutes of the game, at the Walkers Stadium and then got bored....:lol:
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gamesonline you picked the best team, g were gona win the Premiership this year whether you like it or not! lol !
I hate MiddlesboroughFrown
Seeing as this post has been made several months after the previous, i was just wondering on the peeps thoughts about who finishes where this season, for me, it looks like my team probably wont win it, weve got a cup final to look forward to next week.
Man U will win league, theyve got the edge over you.

I think we will be in the FA cup final, and if we are, i mite jst av 2 go Smile

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