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CSO Database...New Link(MUST HAVE)

If youve been wondering why the old site hadnt been updated for a while, well its because theyve merged with another site, and theres a new link
http://cso.rct-net.de/ check this out dudes, theres some great new custom scenery out there at the moment, New lights, Disney Sets, Pirates of the Caribean sets 1 & 2, and loads of other stuff.(This is a must see, by order of the G-Man)
Well, I'm glad to have this! I need to see what I don't have yet.
Wow, there's alot of good scenery on that site, I still won't download any though however tempting it may be :lol:
[Image: newsig.gif]
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I have never added custom scenery to my RCT 3 yet. How do I know which scenery pack goes where? I'm especially interested in the lighting packages.
Yeah, this is a great site. Be tempted Drayton... BE TEMPTED!
IMG: http://i13.tinypic.com/34sl1qh.jpg
Thanks G-Force.
[Image: 2yowokk.jpg]
Sorry for bumping up this REALLY OLD Thread but i need to know if there is a newer link because this one doesnt work.
^ SGW has one.

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