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the new site looks great!

the new rctgo looks awesome. :2thumbsup: i have a question: does rctgo host sites? tycoonplanet.com hosts mine but when i ask questions i get no answers. i maintain my site myself. i did the whole thing which was a lot of typing. 8D not sure if i want to bother getting another host as i'd have to change a lot of urls', etc., with regards to files i've uploaded, via cuteftp, to my tycoonplanet.com hosted site. it'd be a huge headache. :cry:
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Technically, we dsto not host sites. Any sites that are under our domain are technically hosted by Gaming Source, and are not actually hosted by us - we are not the host, Gaming Source is, you would just be under our domain, rctgo.com. You would have to follow all Gaming Source Terms, display their advertisements, etc., and also must be approved by Gaming Source, which means any sub-hosted sites must be of the highest quality. You would probably be better off just applying for Gaming Source rather than having me apply for you to be a sub-hosted account Smile But, sorry if this offends you in any way, I don't think your site is quite of the quality they look for.

rct addict Wrote:the new rctgo looks awesome. :2thumbsup:
Thanks - you should've posted that in the announcement thread Tongue

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