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My signature?

I just had a look and someone's changed my siganture so it's badly streched and missing text?

I wouldn't mind this usually but what annoys me is that I didn't get a note or a PM about it.

Anyway in future could you just PM me and I'll re-do my signature, not just let you do it.

:cry: Frown :mad:
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If I were to have done it, it would have been a long time ago (at least a week). Sorry if it was me - but if it was me, I would have left a note in the signature, but I'll be sure to send PMs too next time Smile
Yeah, I'll go and sort it out I'll myself and make a new one. By the way I don't think it was you as you always leave a note perhpas it was Chickenselects3 or the other guy

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