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Couple of moans.....

The new user online or offline button is rather irritating, as it's at the top where your avatar should be, could it be moved to under your avatar?

Also on the forums main page, all of the text is a light blue, which although it goes better with the RCTgo theme, I prefer the text to be black!

Also could you bring back the ablity to add a topic description, as it was a really handy feature!

And finally, please move this forum back to the RCTgo forums, as it's a tad out of place where it currently is.

EDIT this is my 200th Post- Wow! 200 posts of spam, moaning and general annoyance.

[Image: newsig.gif]
I'll see if I can find a better place for the user online/offline thing, I just like it better than the text Smile

The text color isn't a light blue; what it is is the link color. Because all of those are links, they are blue. I'll be looking into changing just those links back to black, as I think it looks sort of out of place as well. Personally, I just think that links in posts should be noticable against the text, and prevgiosuly, this wasn't happening. (edit: done on the index, only forum links are black now...)

The topic description is a plugin that hasn't been updated to MyBB 1.2 yet, but I'll most certainly reinstall it once it does get updated to MyBB 1.2 Wink

And about this forum being at the bottom - it just isn't used that often. While it is used sometimes, it isn't used often enough to need to be at the top. What I've thought about doing is putting it in its own category at the bottom with something like "RCTgo Feedback" or "RCTgo Management" as the name of the category, rather than being in All the Rest... There might also be like a "Contact Us" redirectory link down there too. What would you think of that? (edit: That's been done for now, and there's also a "Terms of Service" link down there)

And congrats on getting 200 posts :balloon:
Thanks, although I can't see the link to the Terms and Conditions and contact us?

Also I am enjoying having over 200 posts...mmmmm forum geekiness!

Smile Biggrin
[Image: newsig.gif]
I only added the link to the Terms of Service and it wasn't showing for you because I never changed the forum's permissions so you could see it Smile Fixed.

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