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Download Part

On the download part, there are to less informations. You can just click "Download" or "Screenshot", and thats it! There should be informations like, how many downloaded it, or which expansion packs are needed. There should be a vote, how good the downloads are, or maybe a possibility to jugde the download in some sentences.
I hope there will be some changes
Greets Top|Gun
First off, we're considering a download count in the future, but that'll need to be coded in, because there isn't any support for it currently. Next, you can sort the sections by expansions needed through the Version Sort, but we might add indicators to the list themselves in the future. We might add a rating system in the future as well, but that would be a bit tougher because we'd have to code that in too.

Thanks for the suggestions, though. Also, this is getting moved with a three day redirect to our Public Relations forum.
Thx for this fast answer
I have to underline, that this is the best page I found about rollercoaster. And there are MORE THEN 100 DOWNLOADS Tongue .
I dont want push the homepage administrators and trust me I now how long it takes to change something on a homepage, but how long could this take ?

Greets Top|Gun

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