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The City

This is actually two years old, and I didn't really worked on it since.
This debauchery of skyscrapers and urban landscape is due to my interest in architecture combined with my newly understanding (at the time) of the unlimited building potential of this game. Even more today with all the CS. But I didn't have any back then. It's all original wall sets from RCT3. It comes complete with industrial area, even pollution! :lol:

[attachment=349] [attachment=350] [attachment=351]
[attachment=352] [attachment=353]

That was daytime. I'll post night shots later on.
Wow! This is an idea I've never seen before, but I like it.
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"Reality is for those with no imagination."
Here are a few night shots.

[attachment=354] [attachment=355] [attachment=356]

[attachment=357] [attachment=358]
Looks cool! But what did you add for pollution? :?
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coasterfreek900 Wrote:Looks cool! But what did you add for pollution? :?

I simply used smoke particles and flame particles from the generic scenery objects menu. I didn't add anything new.
vewy nice.
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Cool! Did you add a polluted lake? Biggrin No, really, it is cool!
Water is still clean. But I didn't work hard on the plumbing, so it might degrade with time! :P

A few more shots.

[attachment=364] [attachment=365] [attachment=366]

[attachment=367] [attachment=368]

BTW: There's so much lag on this park that I need to toggle off scenery and rides simply to move my camera (POV) from one place to another. And the park is empty, no peeps! I wonder what kind of hardware I would need to operate this smoothly... But that's mainly why I stopped working on it since the last two years... Frown
Could you upload it?
[Image: 2yowokk.jpg]
Zippy24 Wrote:Could you upload it?

Done. It's in the sandbox park section.

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