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Colors of America fireworks show

Hey, peeps from RCT3X. I'm making a show called " Colors of America" which is based on the proud heritage of America. The music I'm using for the show is called "American Faces" and the show looks awesome when I put fireworks to it. :woot: There's one problem. The only two scenery objects I'm using are a set of explosive TNT and an American flag as a backdrop. I would really like to add to the show with some custom scenery related to America. Can anybody help me with this; I'm not very good at making CS. :unsure:

Btw, if you would like a vid of the show so far, I can make one ASAP. I'll post again once I have it ready. Thanks, and I hope this one will be worth putting on Youtube! :grin:
Cool! I hope it comes out soon.
Id like to see a vid. Smile
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I have all of the show complete now. :grin: I have half of the show posted on Youtube. Here's the link to the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl1s_qZZHPw

It would be great if I could find some American custom scenery like maybe a Statue of Liberty. That would complete my show, but it's fine with out too. :wink: I'll make a full vid when I can. Smile
Great work
[Image: 2yowokk.jpg]
Yay! It's finished! :woot: Here's the show in it's entirety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rs4AtRt7FQ

Just to let you know, this is my first show, so please comment. Smile It will help me with future shows (Like the recreation of Illuminations, which is turning out to be a bit of a doozy. lol! Smile ) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the show; this took me a while to make.
Wow that was epic, just one problem though, at about 2:08 thee blue light is not dark enough. Great work though.
[Image: 2yowokk.jpg]
Will this be up for download because this would be great for my park!
3TCR is RCT3 backwards! :P
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