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I cant post a comment on anyone's downloads because when i do it glitches out. it doesn't say 0 or 1 comments. It says comments, and at the bottom it says comments post a comment (i bet i have confused you). Now you may think this is normal but IT ISN'T. IT DOESN'T POST. It never refreshes the page like it used to and when i do refresh the page it doesn't show up. When i look closely it says "1 comment...comments". it changes from 1 comment to comments and i'm confused on what is happening Someone please tell me what has gone wrong, i was gonna email Justin but then i thought i should make a thread. It'll be easier.
But can anyone tell me if its the website or something i did!

EG. "comments — 3 screenshots" That was on the RELINGA page. I was gonan say Well done for winning. Etc
That's really odd as it was working perfectly fine for me the other day. What internet browser do you use? I'll look into it in a bit.
I use Google Chrome!
Hmm. This is really strange. It was working perfectly a few days ago, AFTER I made some small changes to it. I'll see what's happening.
Fixed for downloads. Now need to fix it for videos.
Okay, this problem has been fixed for videos as well.

It turns out all the comments were saved, but the download ID wasn't being sent properly, so all of the comments don't have a download associated with them - which caused the problems you described. I've gone through and deleted those comments (as they aren't appearing already).

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Smile
You should be the one who is being thanked. Thank you for fixing it!

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