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Error message spotted by Speedy

Hi guys, I just thought to let you know that Speedy found an error message, he told me to try to get on the website "RCTgo.com" It didn't work because this message popped up:

Fatal error: [SQL] [2013] Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111
[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server in /home/rctgo1/rctgo.com/includes/db_mysql.php on line 548

Anyone know what is up? It has gone now but when it showed up we were confused. We are even more confused that it was fixed straight away as I got on RCTgo 10 minutes ago and Speedy just told me this after.

Justin, you are the brainy-est of us all so could you try to solve what went wrong? We are confused and cant understand this message. Thank you.
Thankyou for the credit Chappie, I thought it was an internet error until I found you had the same problem.
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it means (according to a site)

Important issues regarding Fatal Error: Computer errors occur when your operating system becomes filled with junk and important files get removed or corrupted. These types of problems are the consequence of not properly maintaining your system. If left unchecked these problems can result in critical system errors, freezes, and even a complete system crash.

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The database must have gone down for a bit (even for just a moment or so). Those sorts of things happen and are usually fixed pretty quickly on the host's end. They could have been performing maintenance or something, who knows. As long as the downtime was brief. Smile

Also, this is in the wrong forum; I've moved it for you.

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