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BMP images

(Nov 11, 2007, 05:45 PM)Justin Wrote:
[Image: community_opinion.png]

Right now, screenshots are not required, only highly recommended, in the downloads center. Unfortunately, many people ignore this and choose not to upload a screenshot.

My question is, do you think you should be required to upload a screenshot alongside your download?

Please vote in the poll in this thread as well as post your opinions and reasoning so I can make sure I don't do this without a majority of the community's approval. It helps to get as many opinions as possible!

Be aware - the poll is a public poll, meaning people will be able to see what you voted for. You're going to post with your vote anyway, so why shouldn't everyone be allowed to see it? Smile


(If you are reading this announcement from the latest news on the main site, you'll have to go to this thread in the forums to vote)

UPDATE: Screenshots will NOT become required. Bitmap images will (soon) be allowed, and screenshots will (soon) be automatically renamed when uploading to include the download ID to ensure you won't be overwriting someone else's screenshot.

It has beed 5 years since this was posted in 2007. When is soon? BMP type images were never enabled to be uploaded here. Just wondering.
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They were allowed at the time, but afterward were disabled because of their enormous size. Loading several images with very low compression at once in your web browser can be a pain. I remember it taking quite a while.
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I wonder if there is a way to make it automaticly convert the picture into JPG after you upload them.
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