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Something Justin should know about.

What's this?

[Image: Malaware%2520Detected.JPG]
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
hmmm nice catch
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What's causing you to bring up that page? I haven't found anything suggesting this should be happening...
I think Alex's computer doesn't have good security and there was a breach. Stuff like the picture above would happen to me all the time on regular websites when I used a windows computer. One website tried to trick me into thinking there were viruses in my computer and tried to sell me a virus protection program that actually turned out to be a virus. Switch to a mac to get better security or get better security on your windows. I've got viruses on my windows that I have no control of. On my mac, the only thing that's happened to me is the site being down once in a while.
It is not worth getting a mac, believe me. Take it to a computer shop for a tenth of the price. The computer that I found this on is fully protected, and has no sign of a virus. This Google Chrome saying this. Not windows. I think this website is trying to hack this website, Justin. But this only happened a few times to me over the couple years. After I restart my browser, it goes back to normal.

I did some research, and I found this:

[Image: AMUDExV.png]
Google Chrome has been doing this to me too. And not just RCTgo, YouTube, Facebook, etc...
How odd. We've had something like this happen before quite a while ago if I recall.
[Image: coaster9hd.png]
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(Jul 8, 2012, 07:54 PM)coasterfreak900 Wrote: How odd. We've had something like this happen before quite a while ago if I recall.

We had something exactly like this a while back, but I don't see any signs of anything being wrong with our files at all. There is nothing to suggest that this should be happening. And if it was, it should be happening all the time, not just randomly... And I've checked, and Google isn't reporting any problems with the site either.
I also noticed the site has redirected me to the CloudFlare page a lot, but after a few minutes it turns to normal.
[Image: AMUDExV.png]

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