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Set Number of Reputations to give out a Day, why?

Justin, lemme ask you a question, was it you who got rid of my reps on Invada? If you did you should get rid of Some on RCTgoMatthew's. Hes getting way too unnecessary reps
Yes, and I've removed the extra reputations from his account as well.

You can now only give a reputation to each user a single time. After that you have to rate actual posts.

If reputation becomes an issue, it will just be disabled. Please don't make me disable it.
Ill make sure that no one gets too many reps at one time, if they do ill make sure to notify you! Yu can call me The Reputation Police Wink
Police can also be plural.
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ok, Me and Invada. He helped...
and alex (hence why he said plural)
Who needs realism when you have creativity?
Don't kill yourself kids!
Lol you get it.
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